Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery In Lahore

Prof. Dr Rashid Siraj best doctor for breast surgery who performs breast surgeries with precision and perfection. There are many medical reasons why one might need breast surgery all the treatments and surgeries related to them are mentioned below.

  1. Breast cancer surgery
    Cancer is one of the main reasons why one might need breast surgery. The surgery required to remove the cancerous parts of the breast or to remove the whole breast is either termed a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Most of the time the lymph nodes are the ones where the damage occurs so it is removed.
  2. Preventive Breast Surgery
    This surgery is also known as Mastectomy. In this procedure, when there are chances of breast cancer, the breasts are removed because it can metastasize in the body and be the reason for life-threatening situations.
  3. There are many injuries that can only be treated with surgery, depending upon the type of injury. Accidents, stabbing, object incisions and different scenarios and all of that are dealt  differently.

Prof. Dr Rashid Siraj is a famous laparoscopic surgeon in Lahore, for successful breast surgeries and near-perfection results.

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