Thyroid Specialist & Surgery In Lahore

The thyroid is an endocrinal gland in the body that secrete T3 AND T4 hormones which are essential for the proper functioning of the cells in the body. Some of the disruptions in their production cause hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. As the term suggests, when the gland can’t make enough of that hormones-the condition is called hypothyroidism, and when the gland secretes these hormones excessively-the condition is termed hyperthyroidism.

The treatment provided is called thyroidectomy by Thyroid specialist. This is the removal of the gland. Sometimes total and sometimes only a few parts of this butterfly-shaped gland. That is why there are two procedures; Total Thyroidectomy and Partial Thyroidectomy

Depending upon the severity of the condition following surgeries can be performed:

  1. Hemi-thyroidectomy & Thyroid Lobectomy

One lobe of one-half of the thyroid gland is removed in this surgery by the surgeon.

The thyroid Isthmus which is the tissue between the two lobes of the thyroid glands is removed from the gland during the surgical procedure. This surgery is performed when there are small tumors in the tissue named the isthmus.

     3-Open thyroid biopsy

The process of open Thyroid Surgery involved the removal of a thyroid nodule. This surgery is very rare and not performed in most cases because of its complexity.

Diagnosing any thyroid condition is not easy and Prof. Dr Rashid Siraj is best at both diagnosing it and treating it as well. He ensures the surgery is well performed.

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