Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery in Lahore

There are many types of hernias but one of the most common ones are abdominal and groin regions. Other hernias include Inguinal hernias, Femoral hernias, Ventral hernias, Epigastric hernias, Incisional hernias, Umbilical hernias, and Hiatal hernias.

The hernia treatment includes repairing the wall that has been ruptured. The main two types of hernia operation include:

 1-Open hernia surgery

To view and repair a hernia, an incision is made in the groin region of the body. The procedure is performed and the hernia is repaired, then the surgeon closes the abdominal wall with sutures and a mesh if required to close the tissues. The purpose of the mesh is to make the weak muscles strong.

 2-Laparoscopic Hernia surgery

In this type of surgery, many incisions are made into the abdomen of the patient to enter the required tools into the abdomen of the patient. During hernia surgery, the surgeon pushes back the bulging tissue back into place, repairs the weakened connective tissue and muscle called The Hernia Defect and strengthens the area and helps the tissue stay in place.

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